What’s Missing From The Island View Casino?

The Fidelity Islands Casino is a new casino in Gulfport, Mississippi, and was constructed with the intention of providing guests with a full service resort, a gamblers’ paradise, and a highly developed high-tech gaming environment. But despite the hotel’s extravagant features, many people who visit the resort are more than a little disappointed.

island view casino gulfport

To begin with, Island View Casino Gulfport offers very little in the way of dining. This hotel has nine restaurants and a few premium clubs, but there isn’t much to choose from. You can have a steak dinner at the White Hacienda or get a fantastic margarita and shisha at the Diamond Club, but there are simply too many options to choose from. If you want to do a little shopping, you can head to the Gulfport Convention Center, but you won’t be able to go to any of the great restaurants because they are all closed on Sundays.

Even if you get a room for your stay, the hotel won’t guarantee that you’ll find a slot machine inside. There aren’t even any machines for non-gambling activities on the premises. Unfortunately, while the casino’s facilities are impressive, the amenities are not. You won’t find any laundromats, gift shops, or hair salons on the property. There is a small gym for your fitness needs, but the rooms lack even the most basic amenities.

You might be wondering why Island View Casino Gulfport doesn’t offer better customer service. Well, the same lack of proper customer service can be found on the other side of the country, too. Many times the main office in Gulfport closes up shop at 11:00 PM and you’ll be out of luck if you want to book a reservation for a night that you’ve already reserved.

If you plan on eating out a lot, the restaurant in Gulfport will provide a great deal. However, many of the local restaurants have basic cuisine that you wouldn’t expect from a well-known tourist destination. It’s the little things that make a vacation worthwhile, and while the view is nice, it’s not worth enduring this kind of underwhelming experience.

While there are a lot of different kinds of casino games, Island View Casino Gulfport is missing an important element: a place to eat. While you can play tables at the Fidelity Islands casino, it’s only a matter of time before those players leave, leaving you with nothing to do but wait for a big payout.

And what about its central location? If you’re in the downtown area, you’ll have to travel over a couple of miles to get to this casino, which is actually two stops on the same road.

Island View Casino Gulfport has a couple of advantages over its competition, but they both pale in comparison to its competitors. For an excuse to travel to Mississippi, a day in this casino should suffice, but you may be best served by a hotel on the other side of the state.