Island View Casino Restaurants

island view casino restaurants

Island View Casino Restaurants

It is hard to believe that you can find some pretty amazing food and drinks in a beautiful setting, but the Island View Casino Restaurants of Curacao offers it all. This Caribbean island boasts one of the most incredible collections of restaurants and bars on the island. From five-star restaurants to family-friendly cafes and taverns, there are literally hundreds of restaurants and bars to enjoy on any night of the week. A trip to the island is sure to be a memorable one for many visitors.

Of course, if you are going to a casino, the choice of where to sit is crucial. Some of the island’s best restaurants are located in Old Town, which is right on the beach. The restaurant Europa is perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one. This French restaurant offers views of the beach and a beautiful outdoor dining. If you want to enjoy the more upscale restaurants and bars, you can head to the heart of Old Town, the Parc Fait. Here you will experience true European cuisine.

If you have a large group planning to visit the island on vacation, be sure to take advantage of many of the restaurants and bars that cater to large groups. There are also plenty of quaint sidewalk cafes where locals serve the local fare. For a true taste of Curacao, try Maison Martin. This small, yet cozy, establishment serves authentic French cuisine. You can also see why this restaurant is considered so good by just walking past the colorful statues and paintings on the sidewalk. While the prices might be a bit higher than other restaurants in Curacao, you will definitely come away glad that you took the time to check out this wonderful establishment.

If you enjoy fine cuisine and island culture, you might consider checking out the Bistro Maison. This restaurant offers exquisite seafood and French delicacies. Order of selection include grilled duck breast with caramelized onions, crab legs with spinach, shrimp fondue with lemon butter, and lamb rack with foie gras. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite formal, yet relaxed. It offers an interesting array of entrees to choose from. The ambiance is perfect for romantic dinners with your loved one.

The most popular dishes in Curacao are those that come straight from the island itself. If you want to indulge in some delicious Curacao shopping, head over to the Miraflores shopping area. Here you will find a large selection of goods created especially for island visitors. The colonial-style buildings are surrounded by lush gardens that lead to a beach. Shopkeepers speak English, which makes it easy to converse with them.

These are just some of the island view casino restaurants that you can try out during your stay in Curacao. Once you are done sampling the different foods of the island, you can make reservations at one of the restaurants or bars. They will even prepare the meals and drinks for you, so that you can enjoy yourself as much as possible while in Curacao.