Island View Casino Resort – Gulfport MS, a Smoker’s Paradise

Island View Casino Resort (or simply Island View Casino) is a full service casino resort in Gulfport, Mississippi. The hotel is owned by W.D. Wentworth, Jr. and is one of the most prestigious names in the gambling community. Located on a beautiful beach in Gulfport, MS, near the famous Mississippi strip, the Island View Casino Resort offers guests many activities on its many floors. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these activities and what makes them so fun.

island view casino resort gulfport

One of the unique features of the island view casino resort is that it offers guests a “Smoke Free” restaurant. This means that all of the furniture, equipment, bar stools, etc. are non-smoking. This includes the buffet line, where all of the food and drink is smoke free as well. The resort has an on-site valet service to ensure that you have a pleasant dining experience while you’re visiting.

Another attraction at the resort is its beachfront restaurants. On the Gulfport Beach Hotel’s second floor, you can find The Cigar Bar. Known for its down-to-earth, yet relaxing atmosphere, this bar offers visitors a variety of bottled and canned beverages while enjoying the warm Gulf ocean view from its windows. Along the same beachfront wall is The Blue Moon, a 24-hour casino offering Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machines, and Baccarat.

Further along the same wall, you will find Sapphire Lagoon, another waterfront establishment open to the public. With an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, this is a great place for families to swim and enjoy each other’s company. While on your lunch break, you may want to stop in at the Green Restaurant, a Gulfport favorite known for its prime cut seafood. It’s not far from the beach tower, so you can continue your exploration of the popular Gulfport area while staying a few blocks away from the tower.

You may be wondering where the heck is Gulfport City, Mississippi? Well, aside from the popular spots mentioned above, this area is also home to two major film studios. Disney World is also located in Gulfport, so when you are ready to book your vacation plans to the beautiful state, make sure that you include the destinations mentioned above to complete your itinerary. There are several hotels in Gulfport, MS; however the best hotels are found just a short distance away from the sandy beaches of Gulfport, MS.

Island View Casino Resort Gulfport MS is located right on the Gulf of Mexico, which means you are minutes away from the many fine restaurants and nightlife options available to you. When you choose to stay at an island view casino resort in Gulfport MS, you get the chance to escape into an alternate universe. This is the perfect way for you to enjoy some “me” time away from the typical casino gambling. If you have a family, a group of friends or other special visitors to your home, you will not regret including them in your every “pool” adventure in Gulfport, MS.