Entertainment Facility Offers Patrons the Excitement of Chicago

While the majority of the casinos located on the Gulfport Maine beach have been outdated and overrun with teenagers for years, the Island View Casino is a brand new establishment that is being built with an eye toward making the whole experience a bit more adult oriented. It is set to open in June of 2020, but a grand opening celebration was held in April and it was well attended by people who had also attended the original Island View Casino in Dagsboro.

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The owners of the new Isle View Casino in Gulfport, Maine are Chicago based business folks who own two separate companies, namely Checkmate Entertainment and Circle Gaming. Both of these businesses are based in Chicago and have franchises in the UK and France.

The owners of the island casino in Gulfport, Maryland, Circle Gaming, offer such amenities as a five star resort-style restaurant featuring fine food. In addition, there is also a new casino style entertainment room offering more of a gambling atmosphere. The owners are planning on building their own restaurant from scratch.

The owners of Checkmate Entertainment (the new Island View Casino) offer a venue that is designed to suit everyone. The games offered at this new casino include card and blackjack games and poker.

The Beachcomber, located within the casino, is a full service restaurant and includes a full bar food menu. With live music performed by local bands, the service is friendly and welcoming.

This location of the Island View Casino offers two exciting games to the patrons. A game called ‘Worlds’, which is basically a variation of Blackjack that allows a person to get more out of a hand, is played throughout the night by all the gamblers. Another game called the ‘Head Games’ is played by the dealers on a table.

One side of the Bar consists of a fireplace where one can entertain and play poker with friends and families. The other side of the Bar, the lower level, has more intimate seating arrangements for those who would like to just relax and play cards or watch some of the great shows that the location has to offer.

The owners of the Island View Casino in Gulfport, Maryland promise a relaxing and entertaining environment for their patrons. Guests will have the opportunity to try the world’s highest rated card game, Blackjack, plus the World Head Games and a variety of great appetizers and finger foods to complement the food offered by the Restaurant.