A Review of the Island View Hotel and Casino

What could be more exciting than having an Island view Hotel and Casino to stay in during your visit to the Dominican Republic? This wonderful piece of real estate offers guests a scenic view of the Caribbean ocean from the inside out. The beautiful scenery that you see from within the windows gives you an overall feeling of being transported to another world, another time. The views from the hotel’s elegant windows have won awards from the best real estate developers as well as the worlds leading tourism and travel executives. If you are looking for a place to stay during your trip to the Dominican Republic, a visit to this five star hotel would be a wonderful place to start.

island view hotel and casino

The interior design of this wonderful Dominican Republic resort is truly something to behold. You will be able to look out on a beautiful blue Caribbean ocean, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and tropical plants. You can also look straight out onto the Caribbean beach and enjoy the panoramic view of this beautiful island paradise. If you choose to stay at the Island view Hotel and Casino, you can even step out onto the beach. You will find that your view of the ocean and beach is simply breathtaking. When you are looking out from your hotel room window, you will see the lovely scenery and the clear azure water of the Caribbean horizon.

The excellent views from the Island view Casino are also accompanied by numerous amenities that ensure that you are completely satisfied when you are playing poker or other games at the casino tables. The casino is also equipped with a swimming pool that offers a relaxing evening for you and your family. You can easily throw a party that will continue long into the night on your private beachfront property. There are also plenty of other activities to keep you busy and entertained. The casino also offers tours of the entire island to give visitors the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places. There are even several restaurants located on the island that offer authentic meals that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

There are also several wonderful bars and nightclubs located in close proximity of the island. With the island’s amazing views, you will never be tired when dancing the night away. When it comes to beverages, there are plenty of waterfront restaurants where you can enjoy your beverages on the waterfront. If you are looking for a place to relax, there are several elegant and luxurious resorts that are available to stay at as well.

Along with the numerous amenities that the casino has to offer, there is also another thing that makes the Island view Hotel and Casino truly a great destination. This establishment is not only extremely elegant, but it is also very affordable. The prices are very reasonable and guests do not have to worry about staying outside of their means. In addition, the quality of the accommodations and the food that are offered are top notch. It is easy to see why this is one of the top picks for casino guests.

There are a variety of different rooms that are available to choose from on this hotel. There are deluxe rooms, studios, and one and even studio suites. All of these options provide guests with the level of comfort and style that they desire. The casino is open Friday through Sunday. As a matter of fact, there are also various events that take place on a regular basis that allow guests to take in some live action.